the "GLennons"

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20 years and soon to be 21. Wow. Hard to believe we've been making our brand of "British Garage Pop" for 2 decades now. Much has changed since bandleader Jack Rugan recorded "No money for beer" in the basement of an old Victorian home back in 1994. Many have entered our lives and more than a few have left. And yet, the family of  "Glennons" continues to grow and evolve. We shall continue to release and perform music that remains true to the vision of bandleader Jack Rugan - full of ragged harmonies, choppy guitars, shimmering drums, and just enough imperfection to provide what's missing in todays music...character.

The Band:
Jack Rugan: Guitar, Piano/Keys, Vocals
Mark Meluch: Utility Infielder
Jerry Rugan: Studio Vocals
Chris Kocka: Drums, Percussion
Mike Pella: Bass, Vocals
Anita Herzog: Piano, Keys, Vocals
Rick Christyson: Guitars, Percussion