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Celebrating 2 decades of electronic noise.


the "GLennons"

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20 years and soon to be 21. Wow. Hard to believe we've been making our brand of "British Garage Pop" for 2 decades now. Much has changed since bandleader Jack Rugan recorded "No money for beer" in the basement of an old Victorian home back in 1994. Many have entered our lives and more than a few have left. And yet, the family of  "Glennons" continues to grow and evolve. We shall continue to release and perform music that remains true to the vision of bandleader Jack Rugan - full of ragged harmonies, choppy guitars, shimmering drums, and just enough imperfection to provide what's missing in todays music...character.

The Band:
Jack Rugan: Guitar, Piano/Keys, Vocals
Mark Meluch: Utility Infielder
Jerry Rugan: Studio Vocals
Chris Kocka: Drums, Percussion
Mike Pella: Bass, Vocals
Anita Herzog: Piano, Keys, Vocals
Rick Christyson: Guitars, Percussion


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News & Updates

New Website!

The Saul Glennon 20th anniversary celebration continues with the introduction of our brand new website! Being tech nerds, we wanted to have a responsive website that will adjust to whatever device you access this site! Check it out on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc. We will continually update the site with latest news, gossip, upcoming shows, new songs, girl trouble, etc.


The "New" album!

Since the release of 1994's "No money for beer", Saul Glennon bandleader Jack Rugan has written so many songs, there just hasn't been enough time or album space to include them all on the band's official releases! Be they outtakes, quick "one offs", singles, or demos, many of these are solid songs that have been looking for a home far too long. As a result, the band is releasing "Strange birds: 20 oddities for 20 years", a fitting collection to commemorate 2 decades of "British Garage Pop" from The Glennons. Click on the "Music" link to listen! And for a limited time, you can download the entire collection for free!





More shows in 2015!

There's no question the "Glennons" have been quite reclusive in recent years. Various twists and turns of life led to that.  That's all changing for 2015! When the band celebrated their 20 anniversary with a show at The Happy Dogthe understanding between the band was "this is either our last gig, or a new beginning". Well, we are happy to report it's the latter! Check out the "shows" page for the latest!


"No Money for Beer" and "Triology 2: The Happiest Guy in the World" coming to iTunes and other digital media outlets!

After too long of delay, The Glennon's first and most recent release will be available on all digital outlets. The long out of print debut, 1994's "No money for beer" is in the final stages of remastering. 2008's "Triology 2: The Happiest Guy in the World" is all set to go! As soon as both are up and running, we will let you know!



Based on the positive feedback of our 20th anniversary show, the "Glennons" have decided to play more shows in 2015! We hope to play at least one gig per month at an area venue. Look for more shows to be added!


Bookings and more info: saulglennon@gmail.com 

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Strange Birds:

20 oddities for 20 years

To celebrate our first 20 years together, we've assembled an eclectic collection of outtakes, one-offs, and oddities for your listening pleasure. A few of the songs have now been incorporated into our live set! For a limited time, the entire album can be download free from our friends at Soundcloud!


Batman #222

OR "How the name SAUL GLENNON came about"

Since 1994, a question that has been asked time and time again is "Where did the name Saul Glennon come from?" And the answer has always been the same, "From Batman #222". You see, that comic book from June 1970 is based on the infamous "Paul is dead" rumor of 1969. For obvious reasons, "Beatles" and "John", "Paul", "George", and "Ringo" was not allowed in the story. Soooo, The band in Batman #222 was called "The Oliver Twists", and the band member names were "Saul", "Glennon", "Hal" and "Benji". And with us guys being influenced by everything British, we felt the name Saul Glennon was an appropriate choice! Wanna check out Batman #222? Ask and you shall receive!

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Love notes

We love getting letters shapes and sizes. Check out the one below from our biggest fan! Or, click on the box below and write your own!